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Saturday, June 21, 2014

What the Hay?

What the Hay?

What the Hay?

Today was hay day.

Alpacas are generally easy to keep. A little pasture, a little hay, supplemental feed. It's all good.

Alpacas love, love, LOVE orchard grass hay. Particularly second cutting (which is less stemmy than first cut). Orchard grass is good for them. Orchard grass hay is extremely palatable. It's a win/win.

Orchard grass hay is also hard to find around here. So when we find a good supplier, we tend to become territorial, possessive, and hay hoarders.

We ran out of "the good stuff" about a month ago, and alas, our supplier's stash was depleted. We were forced to resort to horse hay. Now, alpacas are picky about the texture of their hay, but they also can't have a lot of timothy and alfalfa (which is typical in horse hay). But desperate times call for desperate measures. We got 10 bales of horse hay to hold them over.

They hated it. They despised it. They spent the past few weeks randomly picking it from the hay rack and spitting it onto the floor, then pooping on it. Point taken.

So this week we got the call. 2nd cut of orchard grass hay was available. Woot! And hubby went and got 62 luxurious, soft, green, heavenly bales for our alpacas. The despicable (yet highly expensive) horse hay was cast aside to make room in the trailer for the real deal. And when all was said and done, the girls, who have access to an acre of green pasture, chose to eat from the previously shunned horse hay that was stacked outside the barn. What the hay?